We will be attending the Hubbard’s Barn Farmer’s Market on July 11th. Let’s get this season started!

My artistic motivation

For many years I have expressed my ideas in many forms. As a painter of more than fourty five years and a carver of over twenty five years I have honed my craft.

I have designed a compositional style and a colour palette that draw inspiration from many styles and techniques from across cultures and history.

I am an Impressionist - whether carving or painting I work quickly and guided by my gut. I feel my way into a carving or painting doing what feels right. My pieces evolve over a period of hours or days.

I only know a piece is done when it feels right. The balance of colour and content is critical. There must be unifying line creating both movement and a focal point. The eye must be encouraged to move in a pleasing way.

Years of practice have brought me to a place where spontaneity joins with considered design to create satisfying art pieces that will stand the test of time.


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